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Manufacturers of the ALUGUARD Trellis Gate

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  • is manufactured from high strength structural grade aluminium alloy and made specially for the coastal conditions
  • is light and has an economical aluminium design
  • is corrosion resistant and we offer a 20 year anti corrosion guarantee 
  • is smooth and has a silent sliding action
  • has direct locking for instant security – Slam Lock comes standard
  • is reliable and has robust and long lasting accessories
  • requires very little maintenance
  • is custom manufactured to all size openings
  • is secured on all sides within a top and bottom track system
  • has a lip protection - the lock style
  • is epoxy powder coated in bronze, white or charcoal

Top Track:

BSecure's gates are hung from the top of the track and the wheels fit inside the track with a lip which prevents the gates from being forced off the track. The wheels are made from glass filled nylon and is corrosion resistant. This is similar to parts used in engines in the motor industry because of its strength and durability.


Bottom Track:
Increases strength and resistance to the uprights being pulled out of the track. The bottom track is an area targeted for attempted break ins. We have designed a unique track with bottom guides to combat this. The low profile reduces chances of tripping.


Lock styles:
Lip protection on the Lock style: Our gates are manufactured with a lip protection covering the locking area and this prevents forcible openings via crow bar.


Slam lock:
This is an instant locking system and allows the gate to lock whether your key is in or out of the lock.


Benefits of Trellis Slam Lock

With a steady rise in burglaries and home invasions, now is the time to secure your home with Trellis Security doors.

Trellis is one of the most important security measures proven to keep unwelcomed visitors out of your homestead and away from you and your loved ones.

Get the Trellis benefits and features today for your home safety and peace of mind.

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Increase Value of your Property

A property with effective security solutions is a valuable one! Trellis gates are fast becoming the standard burglar-deterring security application in homes and can actually increase the saleability of your house.

A prospective buyer would rather buy a home that already has effective security solutions installed than purchase an unsecure home – having to pay extra for security once the sale has gone through.

For quality trellis gates and window fixtures to secure your house and those who call it home, chat to us at BSecure and find out how we can secure your world. 

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More Than Just a Security Gate

A Trellis fixture isn’t just a security gate – it’s the difference between a crisis and a crisis aversion.

Trellis slam-lock locking systems are better than regular padlocked security gates as they are easily retractable and can be installed practically anywhere between adjacent walls.

Trellis fixtures can be installed at windows, sliding doors, and even in passageways when looking to secure specific living areas in the home.

Consider installing a sliding trellis fixture to separate bedrooms from the rest of the house, allowing you to secure yourself and your family while you sleep. 


Home Access Control

As a home owner, you should have complete control of all entrances to your house. These entrances include windows and outdoor areas, such as patios and braai areas, where burglars could sit and wait for you to enter before catching you unawares and forcibly entering your main house.

By installing retractable Trellis fixtures at these outdoor points, you further restrict access to your homestead’s outlying areas and render these inaccessible to potential intruders.

Trellis fixtures are retractable which means that, should you wish to open these points for ease of access, simply unlock the slam-lock system and retract the fixture. 

Trellis Gates

Trellis Window Barriers

Security Gates & Burglar Bars

Trellis Slam Lock Security Gates
Gates manufactured from Alloy Aluminium
especially for the coastal conditions
Manufactured to all size openings
Slam lock expandable gates
Burglar bars 



• Interior painting
• Exterior painting
• Allied trades e.g
Carpentry, etc.



Trellis Slam Lock Security Gates
Gates manufactured from Alloy Aluminium
especially for the coastal conditions
Manufactured to all size openings
Slam lock expandable gates
Burglar bars 



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BSecure has a long and distinguised history of delivering value building services since 1992.

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No more headaches and nasty surprises dealing with an absent contractor. Brent is hands-on and manages all operations.

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BSecure works to bring exceptional value, quality workmanship and peace of mind for you the client.


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